Cocktail Anyone?

The cocktail at Bar San Miguel is nothing short of exciting. It features a wonderful selection and you will be hard-pressed not to find a beverage that delight your palate on this part of the menu. The San Miguel margarita is a favorite among regulars and is made with lime, agave nectar, combier, and Blanco tequila. Paloma Leon features a combination of lime, grapefruit, Aperol, mezcal, and Blanco tequila. La Sirena Gorda features a combination of agave nectar, lime, ginger, and Blanco tequila. Montes de oca oaxaca features a combination of agave nectar, reposado tequila, and mezcal. Aldama features a combination of jalapeno-infused tequila, green chartreuse, agave nectar, lime, and avocado. Hidalgo on the other hand wonderfully blends Blanco tequila, cilantro, grapefruit, lime, and St. Germaine to create a cocktail that is truly invigorating. Barranca features a combination of cinnamon-infused tequila, lime, and pineapple juice. One of the cocktails with the most eye-catching names is the Insurgent’s last word. This delightful cocktail features a combination of green chartreuse, lime, and mezcal. Correo features a combination of Blanco tequila, chipotle brown sugar syrup, lime, and tangerine juice.

Although we can’t unequivocally say that Bar San Miguel is the best Mexican restaurant in New York for such a matter is truly subjective, we can confidently say that the menu selection is solid. With Bar San Miguel, you are guaranteed a meal that will keep you coming back every single time. The Mexican dishes are made to perfection and you will scarcely be disappointed. The menu selection is also quite diverse and this ensures that there is a little bit of everything for everyone. This also gives you the opportunity to try out different things if you are in the mood to stray away from your usual.

It’s not just the meals, the drinks are also quite good and offer the best way to relax after having a delicious meal at the restaurant. From the patrons’ favorite, San Miguel margarita featuring lime, agave nectar, combier, and Blanco tequila, to La Sirena Gorda featuring a combination of agave nectar, lime, ginger, and Blanco tequila, to Aldama featuring a combination of jalapeno-infused tequila, green chartreuse, agave nectar, lime, and avocado, you can never run out of options of what to drink at the Bar, San Miguel.

Other than the foods and drinks, you wanna head up to Bar San Miguel for the generally laid-back atmosphere provided by the establishment. The set up is very relaxed with a neighborhood vibe and is perfect for catching up with family and friends, or if you just like a chill place to get some work done. The staff is also known to be very friendly. They always welcome and serve you with a smiling face and are willing to help you if you have any questions regarding the meals, drinks, or anything else related to the Bar San Miguel.

All in all, Bar San Miguel is the perfect place to experience excellent customer service and experience an exciting adventure in Mexican cuisine. So, if you are looking to indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine, do not hesitate to head up to Bar San Miguel. You will have one of the best Mexican meals of your life. A great adventure awaits you at Bar San Miguel.…

The Taste You’ll Love

Now, let’s get down to our main order of business — the meals and drinks — because these are the fundamental reasons why you wanna visit Bar San Miguel. As mentioned earlier, Bar San Miguel specializes in Mexican cuisine and has a pretty decent menu selection. If you consider yourself a chips y salsa enthusiast, say no more because Bar San Miguel has got you covered. Bar San Miguel house-made blue and red chips are very good and promise to delight even the people without an affinity for colored chips. The salsa is equally delightful and does not disappoint. You can never go wrong with chips y salsa at Bar San Miguel.

Bar San Miguel’s guacamole y chips keeps it minimal and straightforward. You will certainly enjoy it. However, do not overindulge in this selection unless you fancy not talking about it on the next day. The empanadas are excellent and not greasy. They go for $11 and feature melted Oaxaca cheese, jalapeno crema, and arugula salad. This is the perfect selection if you like Mexican Mozzarella sticks. Another dish you must try at the Bar San Miguel is the fish taco. This selection goes for just $9 and promises your taste buds the taste of their life. Well, almost.

The chile Relleno consists of a large poblano pepper, filled with mushroom, carrot, and Oaxaca cheese. This is an excellent choice for vegetarians. The short rib enchiladas are arguably one of the best offerings on the menu of Bar San Miguel. Inside these enchiladas is braised short rib meat which makes them super flavorful. The cheese is perfectly balanced, and there is a chicken version of these enchiladas as well. The salsa trio y totopos goes for $6 and features black bean dip, roasted tomato salsa, and salsa verde. The house chips are made daily using fresh corn tortillas. The guacamole y totopos goes for $10 and features fresh guacamole made in-house by Bar San Miguel.

The longanisa goes for $9 and features guacamole, jalapeno Mexican crema, and seared longganisa pork sausage (a favorite for corporate catering to local companies like Avante and Cisco). The Camarones are also quite delightful and go for $12. This selection features chipotle glazed shrimp, orange, jicama, and arugula salad. Cerdo also goes for $12 and features roasted Mexican potatoes, mango salsa, and grilled pork tenderloin. Equally delightful is the Cordero which goes for $14 and features a grilled rack of lamb chops and mint zucchini salad. Carne de Reyes goes for $14 and features spinach, green beans, and seared skirt steak.

There are many side snacks available including tortillas for $2, salsa trio for $4.50, guacamole for $5, and the Arroz y frijoles which goes for $6 featuring queso fresco, Mexican rice, and black beans. The dessert selection includes the churros and tarta de lima which go for $9 each.…

The Bar San Miguel

Here’s a tip for you. Bar San Miguel is owned by Jim Cramer — The Jim Cramer.

Now after reading the above statement, you might be thinking, “well thanks for the advice, give me a second as I jot down this restaurant that I will never visit.” And we wouldn’t blame you. Most people discover that Bar San Miguel is owned by Jim Cramer only after visiting the restaurant. Actually, if some people stumbled upon this piece of detail before visiting the restaurant they would probably write it off as an establishment where people scrutinize your menu choices and yell at you in Spanish in front of the entire restaurant. But you would be wrong because Bar San Miguel is nothing like that.

When most people hear the name Jim Cramer, a picture of an energetic TV guy springs to mind. However, there is more to Jim Cramer’s story. Cramer attended Harvard University and worked as a reporter upon graduation. After some years of aggressive reporting, Cramer decided to join law school. Naturally, his alma mater’s law school was his first choice. During his years at Harvard Law School, Cramer worked on the famous Claus von Bulow for Alan Dershowitz–whom he later termed as “supremely guilty”. It was during this time that Cramer started trading and recommending stocks, a path that ultimately led him to become a stockbroker at Goldman Sachs. After some years Jim Cramer started his own hedge fund. He is also the author of 7 best-selling books.

Cramer never knew that he loved hospitality until he opened Bar San Miguel. Cramer fell in love with this venture because he liked making breakfast for people on Sunday mornings. Before that, he was in the soloist TV profession, where the endless talk about money in front of the camera was leaving him cold. Jim Cramer and his wife committed their best effort to the restaurant and before long Bar, San Miguel became a success.

Located in Carroll Gardens, Bar San Miguel is a delightful and relaxed restaurant that serves authentic Mexican dishes and fantastic drinks. The restaurant is inspired by the historic town of San Miguel de Allende located in the hills of Mexico. Bar San Miguel provides a rustic cozy atmosphere with an amazing back patio to serve patrons quality Mexican dishes, craft tequila, margaritas, and mezcal cocktails.

Does Bar San Miguel offer the best Mexican dishes in New York City? Well, no. Simply because there is no such thing. However, they do have a fantastic selection of tacos and enchiladas that will more than delight your palate. More so if you are chasing them with tequila drinks with a hint of jalapeno. The customer service at Bar San Miguel is excellent and the staff is very friendly. Ultimately, the restaurant gives you the vibe of a neighborhood restaurant — one where you might meet up with some friends, have some drinks, and perhaps ponder over your investment strategy.…

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