The Bar San Miguel

Here’s a tip for you. Bar San Miguel is owned by Jim Cramer — The Jim Cramer.

Now after reading the above statement, you might be thinking, “well thanks for the advice, give me a second as I jot down this restaurant that I will never visit.” And we wouldn’t blame you. Most people discover that Bar San Miguel is owned by Jim Cramer only after visiting the restaurant. Actually, if some people stumbled upon this piece of detail before visiting the restaurant they would probably write it off as an establishment where people scrutinize your menu choices and yell at you in Spanish in front of the entire restaurant. But you would be wrong because Bar San Miguel is nothing like that.

When most people hear the name Jim Cramer, a picture of an energetic TV guy springs to mind. However, there is more to Jim Cramer’s story. Cramer attended Harvard University and worked as a reporter upon graduation. After some years of aggressive reporting, Cramer decided to join law school. Naturally, his alma mater’s law school was his first choice. During his years at Harvard Law School, Cramer worked on the famous Claus von Bulow for Alan Dershowitz–whom he later termed as “supremely guilty”. It was during this time that Cramer started trading and recommending stocks, a path that ultimately led him to become a stockbroker at Goldman Sachs. After some years Jim Cramer started his own hedge fund. He is also the author of 7 best-selling books.

Cramer never knew that he loved hospitality until he opened Bar San Miguel. Cramer fell in love with this venture because he liked making breakfast for people on Sunday mornings. Before that, he was in the soloist TV profession, where the endless talk about money in front of the camera was leaving him cold. Jim Cramer and his wife committed their best effort to the restaurant and before long Bar, San Miguel became a success.

Located in Carroll Gardens, Bar San Miguel is a delightful and relaxed restaurant that serves authentic Mexican dishes and fantastic drinks. The restaurant is inspired by the historic town of San Miguel de Allende located in the hills of Mexico. Bar San Miguel provides a rustic cozy atmosphere with an amazing back patio to serve patrons quality Mexican dishes, craft tequila, margaritas, and mezcal cocktails.

Does Bar San Miguel offer the best Mexican dishes in New York City? Well, no. Simply because there is no such thing. However, they do have a fantastic selection of tacos and enchiladas that will more than delight your palate. More so if you are chasing them with tequila drinks with a hint of jalapeno. The customer service at Bar San Miguel is excellent and the staff is very friendly. Ultimately, the restaurant gives you the vibe of a neighborhood restaurant — one where you might meet up with some friends, have some drinks, and perhaps ponder over your investment strategy.

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